Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) service helps to align business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans to the value of the business processes being protected by identifying and evaluating the potential effects (financial, life/safety, regulatory, legal/contractual, reputation and so forth) of natural and man-made events on business operations. BIA also addresses IT complexity by supporting IT services, applications, data and underlying infrastructure classification.

Benefits and Justification

The demand for an accurate assessment of business impacts, internally and externally due to man-made and natural threats, will rise as management boards are required to formally report on risk management measures. Business Impact Analysis service will enable information to be gathered from across the organization to make critical risk-related decisions and to formulate relevant risk responses. Business Impact Analysis results can be used as a powerful catalyst to start investing time and money in Business Continuity Management by bringing attention to potential losses and mismatched recovery and continuity capabilities.

Services Deliverables

Classification of IT services, applications, data and underlying infrastructure by establishing:

  • The maximum amount of time that a business process can be out of operation before organization's objectives or survival is compromised - the maximum acceptable outage

  • The period of time within which the workforce, IT services, applications and underlying infrastructure must be recovered — the recovery time objective (RTO).

  • The level of acceptable losses of data — the recovery point objective (RPO).

  • The order or priority in which normal levels of operation need to be resumed after disruption.

  • Critical interdependencies between each business process and other internal and external third parties.
  • The cost of downtime - how the organization will be impacted in finances, reputation, legal/contractual issues, penalties and so forth due to the downtime of IT services, applications and underlying infrastructure.

Pricing Model

One-Time fee and Subscriptions Models 

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