Identify highest risk cyber security threats

It is important to understand and be educated on the landscape of the existing cyber threats today and which of those are applicable to the organizations business and/or industry. To know what the attack motive is of the highest risk will help better prepare the defenses against them, whether the motive behind the attack is for financial gain, to gain access to confidential information like transport manifestoes, misuse, disclose information, modify data or deny access to the data. To know what systems, data and people are the highest risk targets and the potential motives will ensure which structured layered security approach is the most effective.

Service Benefits

At ESC Cyber Security we help organizations identify where the most likely security threats will come from, these threats can be dynamic and therefore it is important to identify those highest risk areas and the security risks associated with each. Helping organizations identify, prepare, implementing prevention methods and mechanisms, early detection methods as well as cyber incident response policies.

Service Deliverables

Based on the organizations industry, supply chain, systems, country locations, country transactions, affiliations, business, PR and employees ESC Cyber Security will provide a detailed report on which cyber security threats are the most likely to target the organization. This will help the organization plan on which layered security architecture will provide the highest deterrent, knowing the most will help prepare best preventions. This includes Penetration testing on the IT infrastructure and report on weaknesses.

  1. A detailed report on the Threat Vectors
  2. A detailed report on the Penetration Testing results

Pricing Model

One-Time fee and Subscriptions Models

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