Predictive Analytics

Our selected analytical platform (Predata) enables financial and security professionals to incorporate alternative data from social and collaborative media into strategic and daily actions – before and better than their competitors. Raising threat level before an attack is the best way to reduce or avoid damage. Timely reallocation of assets prevents losses from adverse geopolitical events.

Predata’s cloud-based artificial intelligence and visualization engine:

  • Predicts events ranging from terrorist attacks to North-Korea missile tests, from unusual currency exchange rate volatility to price movements of commodities, from civil unrest and strikes to outcomes of public votes
  • Visualizes and analyzes changes in public sentiment and competitor behavior
  • Back-tests various advanced investment strategies.

Predata synthesizes publicly available metadata from across the internet and applies machine learning algorithms to those data. Using traffic and conversation patterns from online newspapers, videos, encyclopedias, and blogs, Predata statistically transforms these metadata into time series, which are then used to predict political, security, and market events.

How Predata Works?

  • Scrapes metadata from various online media sources
  • Language agnostic: can work in any language
  • Uses a cutting-edge algorithm to convert this metadata into a topical geopolitical risk score that has shown extremely high correlation to a wide range of events.

Why Predata Works?

  • Before people do almost anything, a significant portion of them do research, check out their competition in that endeavor, or even examine their own online presence
  • The signals we track measure spikes in interest and contestation around topics, countries, and companies
  • Because the metadata around our sources is not well known to be predictive, it often catches event signals that more mainstream social media analytics fail to catch.

What Makes Predata Unique?

  • Unique set of data sources, and the ability to work on client-provided data sources in addition to online sources
  • Proprietary algorithm for transforming metadata into geopolitical instability score
  • Dynamic source and event tracking: our clients can tune the engine to not just capture the sources we have deemed relevant, but also any others that they believe will be revelatory