Land Security 

Established to provide protection and support to the President of Estonia and to the diplomatic representations, ESC Global security continues to provide close protection and physical security services

for VIPs and property. 

Our Services Include:

  • Professional close protection both in friendly and hostile environments, including conflict areas;
  • Security, logistics and protocol planning and execution for visits;
  • Flexible and immediate solutions for travelling executives and officials, including security consulting, reception of arriving VIPs, local situation analysis;
  • Preventive security measures and sight security provided for clients involved in crises areas;
  • Creation of operations network and cooperation with organizations on the ground including private firms, regional security officers and non-governmental organizations;
  • Internationally licensed medical training (BTEC standard) according to theatre of operations, specifics and client requirements.

We Value the Highest Standards:

  • ESC Global Security strictly adheres to standard procedures based on ROE, international law and human rights;
  • Effective cooperation with local ministries and government institutions to deliver the best possible security solution for clients;
  • Acquisition of all necessary local licenses, in cooperation and in accordance with client needs and requirements;
  • ESCGS is signatory to International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers;
  • Management system of ESCGS is applicable to ISO 9001:2008.

Qualification of our Security Personnel:

  • Private security team members are professional ex-army or ex-police service personnel;
  • Private security team members have worked previously as Close Protection Officers for Estonian, European Union and NATO senior officials, diplomats and generals worldwide including in conflict areas in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa;

           All team members:

    • Are internationally certified Close Protection Officers (BTEC certificate);
    • Have international first aid qualification FPOS (BTEC);
    • All team members possess European Union security clearance licenses and have been vetted accordingly;
    • Are multi-lingual;
    • Have been vaccinated.

Medical Consultancy Service is Available 24/7

ESC has medical consultancy (via radio) service contract with the North Estonia Medical Centre for assisting ESC Global Security's security team medics during their missions. Immediate specialist consultation on medical emergency issues and counselling for medical equipment and drugs is provided over phone, fax or e-mail. Every Team Medic / Team Leader can contact the specialists in case of any kind of injury and receive professional advice from the qualified doctor. The service is available 24/7. 

SEND INQUIRY  or ask for more information  ESCGS@ESCGS.COM