Maritime Security Division

Here's what makes us different from our competitors:

EXPERIENCE: Since 2010, when ESCGS opened it’s maritime department, we have with a 100% success rate protected over 2000 vessels while they have transited the HRA; 

  • We have provided our services on most of the respected flag-states’ vessels. Besides ESC was the first private security company to provide armed security, authorised by the Luxembourg Government and first company to receive the license from Belgian authorities to serve on Belgian flagged vessels. 

STANDARDS: ESCGS has accredited certification from UKAS accredited MSS Global for ISO 28000 with ISO 28007:2015 standards. All our security personnel are combat experienced, highly motivated EU soldiers, under former ATALANTA officers command;

CLIENT ORIENTATION & COST EFFICIENCY: ESCGS is truly proud in regards of it’s clients versatility; we serve shipowners with few vessels up to the biggest ship management and chartering companies from Europe, Asia and America;

GLOBAL PRESENCE: With 24/7 operations centre in Tallinn plus subsidiaries all over the world we can guarantee a swift response to your inquiries and there are no delays to our clients' vessels, even if there’s some changes in the latest hour;

SAFETY: We take great pride about our procedures which have resulted in zero safety related incidents throughout our existence in the maritime sector.  

ESC holds the following insurances and licenses

  • ESC has activity licenses in surveillance and protection of movable and immovable property and  security-related consultations;
  • ESC Global Security is recognized by all major European insurance companies (war and K&R underwriters) such as Travellers, CV Starr, Hiscox, Catlin, Aspen etc;
  • ESC Global Security has the following insurance covers:  

    USD 5,000,000 for Public Liability Insurance 

    USD 5,000,000 for Products Liability Insurance

    USD 5,000,000 for Pollution Liability Insurance

    USD 5,000,000 for full Professional Indemnity

    GBP 5,000,000 for Employers Liability including Maritime Employers Liability

    Total Personal Accident Insurance up to USD 1,000,000

    Accidental Death USD 250,000 

    Permanent Total Disablement USD 250,000 

    Emergency Medical Expenses and Repatriation USD 500,000

    Kidnap&Ransom USD 1,000,000

ESC Global Security:

  • Is certified to ISO 28000 with ISO 28007 standards for the scope of The planning, management and delivery of armed and unarmed security solutions to the maritime industry within the High Risk Area of the wider Indian Ocean", to demonstrate that ESC and our operatives, can legally, safely and effectively guard shipping;
  • Is ready to legally embark and dispatch security teams from all the major ports in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea regions;
  • Values high standards for our operations and the customer service; our managementsystem is applicable to ISO 9001:2008 standard;
  • Is licensed by governments around the world;
  • Enforces deterrence as the key part of physical security and resorts to force only as a last option;
  • Follows and exceeds international guidelines and best management practices (BMP's);
  • Works with reputable port agents, with whom we have worked successfully in the past and who  are knowledgeable about the rather frequent changes in the laws in their port region regarding firearms;
  • Security teams are made up of combat experienced European former military and law enforcement personnel from NATO and ATALANTA operations;
  • Management has international military, political and governmental top management experience;    
  • Is signatory to ICoC;    
  • BIMCO Member;
  • Is a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.                                                                                              

SEND INQUIRY  or ask for more information  ESCGS@ESCGS.COM