Maritime Security Services in West Africa

When we are speaking about the piracy, kidnap risk and robbery threat in the maritime field within West Africa then the incidents doubled in 2018, compared to 2017.
The Gulf of Guinea incidents accounted for the majority of serious incidents:
  • All 6 hijackings took place in GoG
  • 130 out of 141 held hostages globally, came from the GoG region
  • 78 seafarers were kidnapped for ransom – this accounts for 93% out of all seafarer kidnapings globally! 
  • It is believed that around 30-50% of incidents in the region go unreported 

Source: IMB Piracy reporting Centre

What can ESCGS do to assist your vessel and the crew?

ESCGS has been in the GoG region since 2012 and has executed hundreds of tasks from Ghana to Nigeria, from armed escort vessels to on-board teams and advisors.
We only use approved, vetted and licensed providers off- and onshore.

Our security services in Gulf of Guinea:

  • Armed escort vessel
  • On-board team for the duration of the port call
  • On-board team for the STS operations and anchorage
  • Togolese or European MSLO along with the local armed team

Countries where we operate in regards of Maritime Security in Gulf of Guinea: