Maritime Security Services in Nigeria

Services offered

  • Armed escort vessel
  • On-board team for the duration of the port call

Maximum distance covered with armed escort vessel in Nigeria

  • 150 NM from shore from any port in Nigeria

Required notification period for the services

Depending on the nature of the escort 72 – 96 HRS. Although longer notification periods may result with a better quotation for the task (if can be combined with other client needs).

Ports covered with armed escort vessel in Nigeria

  • Lagos (Escort boat from Lagos)

  • Warri
  • Brass
  • Port Harcourt
  • Onne
  • Calabar

Pricing unit for the services of armed escort vessel in Nigeria

Escort vessels are hired by day and the hiring period begins from the time the vessel leaves its normal docking position and the daily hiring rate is payable until the vessel reaches back to its home base.
The daily charges are applicable for every single day it is hired, in despite of the hours of operation. Hence, if the vessel only operates half a day, then a full day is charged to the client.
The escort vessels come with a team of 7 Local Navy guards, weapons and an MSLO (Maritime Security Liaison Officer) who shall be responsible of communication with the client and the Master of the commercial vessel.
Please note that the main hub for the escort vessels is situated in Port Harcourt and on majority of the occasions the sea-going escort vessels would start their task from Port Harcourt and end it in Port Harcourt.

Advantages of working with ESCGS

  • Licensed providers
  • On time, hassle free escort services
  • In case of an issue, then ESCGS will resolve it on your behalf at our own costs
  • Well known Maritime Security provider with 100% proven track record
  • Experience across West Africa on both on land and at sea

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