ESC Global Security

ESC Global Security is an ISO 28000/28007 certified security company with a primary focus on armed protection of vessels. With know-how for operations on land and sea, ESC Global Security personnel is multi-lingual, highly-skilled and combat experienced from NATO and ATALANTA operations. Calm under pressure, dedicated to the mission and very disciplined, these are trademarks of ESC Global Security staff. 

All ESC Global Security staff are properly vetted, trained and regularly tested. All our security personnel have weapons licences, are certified security professionals and hold seaman's discharge books. Each team has a qualified medic. ESC Global Security implements the latest advanced security operational techniques, procedures and policies. ESC's security management system is certified for ISO 28000 with ISO PAS 28007 standards.

ESC Global Security offers state-of-the-art security risk management based on the ability to define risk, assess security weaknesses and opportunities and to choose the best security option for each client. The result is a focused security solution that saves the customer time and money while efficiently delivering success.

The security philosophy of ESC Global Security is based on intelligence management and preparation of the security space: proper information helps avoid security incidents. The management system of ESC Global Security has been approved to ISO 9001:2008 Management System Standards. The mission and passion of ESC Global Security is to provide effective 24/7 security so, that neither person nor property is harmed. Everyone and everything returns home safely.